So… Today on radio they were discussing how bad it can be to text and walk. Most of us these days are glued to our Blackberry’s or iPhones,etc while doing everyday things like… eating, shopping, cooking, exercising which includes walking. One can imagine how these habits can end up in hilarious or embarrassing moments… I sent in an SMS to KFM 94.5 about something that happened to me last night at the gym. Some of you may know me and know that the story was MOST likely embarrassing. It was.

The Incident.

While I was running into gym last night I was busy texting a friend… (constantly on BBM), I know the route through the gym… I navigated my way through the gym like a breeze, so graceful all the while not looking up. I walked into the gym locker room (mighty proud of myself for my ability to multitask) and I walked SMACK… BANG in to this naked guy fresh out of the shower.

Needless to say he didn’t see me, because he was facing away from me… I got such a shock I apologised and looked down and then realised… HIS NAKED! DON’T LOOK DOWN! lol

I had a wet body imprint on my T-shirt.

Sooo ebarrassing and awkward. lol